Some news with the website launch date has recently come to my attention. I had sent in my final labels for print to Contour and heard that due to supply shortages he won’t be able to complete my order until the third week of January. I was initially disappointed but now I am grateful for more time to work on the website without it feeling rushed. Given the circumstances, I would like to launch on January 31st now. I’m still planning on having the remedy profiles to you shortly, and the photoshoot that we do on Solstice will help to gather the final photographs needed. I can also start working on the first blog post to get things going, and by early in the new year, I will have secured a treatment space to start seeing clients in.
This will also give me a bit more time to process more of my winter remedies to add to the shop.

P.p.s After the initial view of what you presented to me of the website thus far, I would like it to be bold, modern, and as simple as possible. For example, I don’t want too many moving pieces or pop-ups, and I want it to have a unique look unlike anything else that’s out there. Just a few things that came to mind after our last meeting. I know it’s going to evolve and take shape as we go, but I would like to have a continual open dialogue going. Thank you so much for working with me Ken!

I appreciate you sharing in such detail about your vision for the website, and I look forward to discussing further in person. Are you available for coffee tomorrow morning so we can sit down and talk about all of this? I’m free tomorrow until 1 pm.
In terms of the remedies, what I will have ready for the webshop is 1 tea blend, 1 body oil, 3 oxymel remedies, all of which I am waiting on packaging to arrive in the mail and then labels for them this week or early next week from Contour. Additionally, I have 1 salve, 1 tincture, and 1 smudge spray that are all packaged, labelled, and ready to go. I was going to wait until they are all done to photograph them, and I’m just waiting on the shipment to arrive before I can complete them.
I am currently working on the write-ups for the web, profiles of the remedies as well as specific information about each plant, plus size, cost, and all other details.
I am really resonating with your global view of networking through the website and connecting in with people from around the world. I would like to travel with my medicine work so that is something that really interests me.
I am hoping to use what small content I’ve provided as a foundation to build upon in time and as my work evolves. I know it’s pretty basic right now, and I would like to provide more content, but I can only do so much with the time that I have, and I was hoping that I can add things after the initial launch, like writings, videos, and the medicines are always cycling with new batches depending on what I’m harvesting in season.
I like what you are suggesting with my hands and plants, we can talk about that as well as product photograph requirements when we sit down to chat.
Please let me know if you are around tomorrow morning, I look forward to seeing you then. I’ll have some medicine for you to try! I super appreciate the inspiration and brilliant ideas that are you imparting me with, and I look forward to seeing how everything shapes up.
Much Love,