I am on sabbatical leave until further notice, and I will not be seeing clients at this time.



For every ailment, there is a plant to heal it, and all of our medicine can be found in our backwoods. Herbal medicines are used to prevent and treat acute and chronic illness, ranging from support of sleep, digestion, stress management, healing from trauma, pain, spiritual sickness, emotional and mental health support, immunity, detoxification, and so much more. Amanda uses herbal medicines, along with Shamanic healing practices, such as the use of spiritual tools, balancing energy through the laying on of hands, and channeled messages directly from Spirit, to bring the client to a state of holistic health.

Consultations involve a confidential one-to-one initial assessment of an individual’s holistic health by looking into the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Consultations are client-centered, with the honoring of the client as the expert in their own lives, from a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach to healing that seeks to empower the client. From the consult, a health care plan will be created, along with herbal medicines specific to meeting the client’s needs. After the assessment, clients are invited onto the massage table to receive direct hands-on healing, followed by a debrief and discussion of the healing session, and instructions for integration with guidance for future health care.

Initial consultations are two hours long and include a written health care plan with lifestyle, dietary, and spiritual guidance, and the option to purchase medicine. Consultations are currently being offered in person on Salt Spring Island in a private location, by phone, or Zoom online, with free medicine pick-up on Salt Spring Island, or shipping options for clients who reside elsewhere. Investment is $100 per hour, please inquire directly to book an appointment.

Follow-up consultations are one to two hours long to check-in and see how the medicine is working, how the client has shifted, and to adjust the treatment plan as the client evolves on their healing journey. Investment is $100 per hour. Follow-up appointments are for those who have already had an initial assessment and who wish to continue working with me on a needs basis. Follow-up appointment dates are determined after the initial consultation.



Land based healing is a powerful way to reconnect with the land on a deeper level, to build respectful relationships with traditional territories and Indigenous peoples, and to find your medicine by learning how to communicate with nature. I believe that connecting with nature is a form of connecting with the Self and the Great Spirit. Nature teaches us how to live well, how to care for ourselves, and therefore care for the land as an extension of our bodies.

I offer land based healing sessions and workshops on a one-to-one and group basis. The one-to-one session involves taking the client on the land, having a medicine walk and talk, and exploring personal and spiritual connections to plant medicine through meditation, protocol, harvest, and tea ceremony. These sessions are designed to suit the needs and desires of the client, and what they are wanting and needing from connecting with the medicine of the land. Sessions are typically 2 to 3 hours long, with the first half walking and talking, and the second half sitting and healing. The investment for a land based session is $250.

Land based group workshops are similar to the one-to-one session but designed for the unique needs and desires of the group. Workshops can include a medicine walk and talk, meditations with plants, finding your plant medicine, learning about protocols and harvesting, making medicines, tea ceremony, talking circle, smudge ceremony, Indigenous healing practices, and more. Inquire directly for half and full day rates.



You can find me at the Saturday farmer’s market on Salt Spring Island throughout the spring and summer seasons.